Behind an organ transplant

Behind an organ transplant


To Sankei News of 2017/06/28,

“Organ transplant law 20 years …”

There was an article called. (I will post the whole article at the end)

To the number of patients (recipients) waiting for organ transplantation, the number of organ donors (donors) is too small, and organ transplantation in Japan is not quite advanced.

Organs used for organ transplantation are those that are used when the organ donor (donor) dies, and can only use organs of the person who registered himself / herself as “can offer” before the birth, and the number Japan is too few, so I have to do something. It seems there was a lecture like such content.

Something is wrong. The idea is crazy.

Modern medicine is symptomatic treatment “I will cut off bad things and throw it away, I will exchange my unusable organs”.

“Cutting down bad things and throwing it away” is somehow acceptable. However, I can not forgive “I will exchange organs that I can not use”. I am blaspheming God.

Before thinking about organ transplantation, it is the first victim to cure an impaired organ, why does not the idea of cure, repair and use occur?

“Because we will not heal, we transplant and save our lives …”

“Is that so?”

What he says “I will not heal” is a modern medicine that only has a card called “cure with medicine”.

Does your illness get better with medicine?

Let’s examine with commonly known hypertension and diabetes.

First of all, it is a question to those who are drinking antihypertensive drugs (hypertension drugs) or insulin (diabetes medicine).

“Have you healed?”

There are tens of millions of people who continue to drink antihypertensive agents and insulin for 20 to 30 years. However, there are few people who have healed.

“Hypertension and diabetes are diseases that can not be recovered, so we must continue taking medicine so as not to get as bad as possible”

And there are dozing doctors. This is modern medicine.

There is no problem if you continue to drink medicine without harm. However, in many cases it will destroy the kidneys, create kidney failure, and start dialysis. Medical care is creating disease. This is called iatrogenic disease.

If you treat with my theory and treatment, hypertension and diabetes will also be cure for several months. And the organs that I pick up here are diseases that can be cured.

Before thinking about the horrible thing of organ transplantation, it is the previous story to think about how to cure organs.

Regarding organ transplantation, if you ask the above doctor

“It is another if good medicines are developed in the future, but now there are only transplants”

Is called.

As this doctor says, leave the developer a new research. All the researchers start with drugs. Clinical physicians are not involved in the study. There is not anything that can be cured at any given time.

All organs of the heart, liver, kidney and pancreas can be repaired. The liver who became liver cirrhosis, the kidney which became renal failure, the heart which became heart failure, I have cured a lot of these.

Apart from the last person who says, “This is too late”, if you can afford to wait for the order of organ transplantation, the organ can be repaired.

The idea of “You can offer if I am dead and people can help me with my organs” is fine. However, we are waiting for brain death of such good intentions. I can not understand the medical treatment.

I can not cure it because I can not use organs. Should not we do our utmost to do “cure organs” without having to hold hands?

Scary brain death judgment

And it is extremely problematic that “brain death is medical death”. Is modern medicine absolute? I do not think so.

I have the experience of reviving people who are said to be “brain-dead.”

Example 1

I got an accident and hit my head against concrete, I fell into unconsciousness. A doctor who was in charge of a woman who showed no reaction showed that she told the family clearly that it is “brain dead.” However, my family can not be satisfied. I was asked by someone who was the woman’s boss “I want you to cure”.

The moment I met, I felt “I can be helped by this person.” Immediately after the treatment started, one hour later, a faint response appeared in the eyes. After an hour more, I gestured to open my eyes so that everyone knows.

“I am not brain-dead, I just can not react.”

So since I told my family, I will do the treatment once a week. Three years after making various stories, that woman has become able to rejuvenate well.

Example 2

Male in his 50s. My condition collapsed with myocardial infarction (?), And there was no reaction after that. My family said “I feel like there was a reaction in my eyes,” but he did not respond to ordinary calls and was in a state of so-called brain death. Over time, I have been able to respond to calls.

There is still a similar person. Both of them are people who are said to be brain dead by a doctor. Because it was not a donor provider, it seems like it was saved.

When you suffer damage from the body due to an accident or the like, the whole body muscles are compacted and work to resist the shock happens. If the shock is strong, or the body is solidified at all times, the reaction strongly emerges and the solid muscles will not relax.

When squeezing or cutting nerves in the strongly consolidated muscles, the information felt in every part of the body will not be conveyed to the brain, responding to calls, choked stimuli, or weak electrical stimuli It will be gone. However, because it is not dead, if you solve the solid muscle you will be able to react.

It is a serious mistake to decide that it is a brain death because it does not respond. If you let it react, I will show you the reaction.

If you are registering as a donor, accident happens and your consciousness is falling into unconsciousness, if your family gets okay looking at you without reaction, you will be killed and become a donor. Are you okay? This is a horror.

From Sankei news

Despite the fact that the Organ Transplant Law was established later than Japan, I mentioned the situation of Korea where there are more brain dead donors than Japan, “In Korea I report to the emergency hospital the occurrence of the brain dead to the mediation institution It is obligatory and this system introduces many brain dead donors, even if we compare the data of three years ago, Korea’s brain dead donor number will be nine times higher than Japan. ”

It is quotation from Sankei news. However, if you look at it, it is not easy to observe in Korea, saying “There is no response, this is brain dead”.

The population of Japan is 125,500 people. In contrast, the population of South Korea is 5,620,000. It is 40% of the population of Japan. Yet, it is abnormal that Korean brain dead people are 9 times higher than Japan. Do not you think that everyone in the Japanese organ transplant network is “funny”?

The judgment of brain death is judged by the doctor in charge of the patient. This is extremely dangerous. Even in the case I experienced, patients who were not brain-dead were treated as brain dead.

One of the hundreds of brain deaths was not brain death. Then a miracle happened. It may be said. However, the three people who were said to be brain-dead that I met were not brain-dead.

Brain death criteria are wrong. No brain death exists. If there is technology to revive people who are unconscious and unresponsive, they can be saved.

If there is a technique to repair a damaged organ, there is no need to treat such as blaspheming the god of organ transplantation.

Cure the diseased organ, not the difficult world, revive. I would like you to focus on my heart.

July 13, 2017

Shoji Mamada

□ Initiatives indispensable by nationality

■ System of hospitals not ordered, Priority in judicial dissection

It is just 20 years since the implementation of the “Organ Transplant Law” that enabled brain death transplant in October this year. The organ transplant method is to support and support donors trying to provide organs and recipients (patients) who can not live without it. But the number of donors does not increase. How can we increase donors? I thought by listening to the lecture of Morihito Kadoda, 71, a director of the Japan Organ Transplantation Network that will mediate organs. (Ryoichi Kimura, Special Editor at the Sankei Education Center)

Mr. Kadota is one of Japan’s leading liver transplants and has served as Vice President of Osaka University and Ariake Hospital of Cancer Research Group. In June this year he was appointed Chairman of the Japanese Medical Association. The lecture was entitled “The Current State and Issues of Transplant Medicine” on February 28th, hosted by the Japan Medical Journalist Association and held at Nippon Press Center Building in Uchisaiwaicho, Tokyo.

◆ World’s lowest level

Even after the revision of the Organ Transplant Law, the number of donors did not grow as expected, with an average of 50 brain dead donors a year. It is considerably lower than thousands of people in Europe and the United States a year, and it is the world’s lowest level compared with the number of donors per million population in each country.

On the other hand, 13,366 people who wish to transplant heart, liver, kidney, etc. registered in the Japan Organ Transplant Network as of the end of May. It is obvious that the order of transplantation does not come even if waiting for the donor to appear, there is no choice but to hope for overseas transplantation, which is expensive.

Mr. Kadota said, “I can not say that it is a very brain-deadly transplant country, and I can not speak as a” Japanese transplant doctor “.

In the latter part of the lecture, Mr. Kadota pointed out that “There are serious problems” in the “five type facilities” where brain death donors appear. There are 862 hospitals that are classified into five categories, such as university hospitals and emergency medical centers, and are equipped with advanced medical care.

Mr. Kadota pointed out that as of June 20, 2015, more than half of 472 facilities responded to the survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as “the brain dead transplant system is not in place”, and it is described by “a brain dead hospital Organs can be provided, it is strange that it will be decided not to be able to do. ”

◆ Late Korean Korea is also pulled

Despite the fact that the Organ Transplant Law was established later than Japan, I mentioned the situation of Korea where there are more brain dead donors than Japan, “In Korea I report to the emergency hospital the occurrence of the brain dead to the mediation institution It is obligatory and this system introduces many brain dead donors, even if we compare the data of three years ago, Korea’s brain dead donor number will be nine times higher than Japan. ”

In addition, Mr. Kadota touches on the problem that the judicial autopsy of the brain dead is given priority, and also to the problem that does not lead to organ donation “In Europe and the United States a judicial anatomist attends the removal surgery of an organ and investigates the existence of incidences in the attendance, It will not hinder the offering. ”

I also dispute that “brain death is death as a human being only in organ donation by organ transplantation law” is also “funny”. Because brain death is medical death of people.

Considering Mr. Kadota’s comprehension, it is easy to understand that shortage of donor can not be solved unless country is tackled to solve the problem.

【Glossary】 Organ transplantation law

Established on June 17, 1997, enforced from October 16 of the same year. After that, it was revised on July 13, 2009 (2009), and the revised law was enforced from July 17 the following year. With this amendment, including the children under 15 years old, even if the intention of the person is unknown, organ donation can be provided only by approval of the family, increasing the donor was expected, but the present situation is severe.