The Terminal Cancer is Gone

Gastric cancer that was metastasized to the bone, and the man who was sentenced to a short life expectancy. It is a story to talk about when two months passed and the cancer just disappeared.

Their was a Woman who hit her head from a accidental fall then became unconscious. Her neme is Yuki.
She was hospitalized after being transported by an ambulance to a University Hospital in Tokyo immediately to receive treatment. However her consciousness did not return. She stayed in a state that resembled a human vegetable witho ut any reaction.
Can She be cured somehow? This was an inquiry from the President of her Company.
The Patients Families were skeptical. But for me if you give me even a smal chance, it is worth trying. More than a month passed after the accident. After my first treatment my eyes are now more slightly open. Then I continued the treatments once a week consistantly.
I continued to receive therapy treatments for my rehabilitation. Gradually I was able to slightly communicate and write. When I could talk, this created excitement.
Finally after three years of treatments was able to walk again.

Her CO-workers had continued to monator the gradual improvements in the recovery of health. Then expressed to others about this fact. Among the Co-workers their was a father of a best friend that just received a short life expectancy from a Doctor, for his terminal cancer.

“I want to contact the one, the Healer that cured her.

My hope he can help my Father with a cure.”



Email from a friend of Yuki to Yuki’s husband 2013 09 10

Sorry to give you heavy mail about the fact of my best friend’s father now has cancer. He is in the hospital for his remaining days. I am feeling so bad. Want to do something. It is the first time to see my Best friend discouraged. Hoping for a Miracle ! I remember the treatment of Yuki from you a teacher of Qigong . Also asking what kind of person is this Teacher, Healer ? I looked at his website with many questions .

Email To Mr. Mamada from Yuki’s husband 2013 09 24

Mr. Mamada, Thank you for your treatments always Yuki. Sorry for this sudden email but I suddenly recieved an email today from a friend. The father of her close friend seems to have stomach cancer, and metastasis to the bone. He is now sentenced to the remaining days of his life in bed. In fact the friend is a co-worker. He watched the recovery and witnessed the effects of the treatment from you Mr. Mamada. Therefore wants the opinion of you about this matter of friends father. I know you have a busy schedule but please tell us your opinion / advice etc in regards to the symptoms of my friend’s father.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Email 2013 09 24 From Mr.Mamada

I can reply your email, but it is difficult to give you the full answer. If I do not examine the person.
However many lose their lives because the treatment of Modern Medicine is wrong in many ways.
It is not always that death is from Cancer Metastasized to the bone. But the treatment of Cancer the Radiation that kills most lives.
Cancer is thought as a deadly disease.
But it is not so.
Also it is not the Doctors opinion to express a short life expectancy, for the patients own self protection.
Truely with Modern Medicine few can be scarely saved.
Many can be helped if they make changes in their life, by themselves.
Also continue to have the will to see themselves alive through this condition.

This is my opinion.

Emails to Mr.Mamada

From Yuki’s husband

Dear Mr. Mamada
Thankyou for everything. I recieved an email from a friend last year. Allow me to share it woth you. Sorry for the late reply. Also Thank you very much for your valuable advice. I know that you are a busy person and for taking the time.

From the friend to Yuki’s husband2013 11 25

I am sorry for the late reply.
But as of the evening today, I recieved a phone call from my friend in Nagoya. It was wonderful news that the cancer of my friends’s father was miraculously gone. Also the Medical Doctors seemed to be astonished. Perhaps the strong feeling that he was going to live on, kept him alive as you sugguested helped him. I was nervous at first when I recieved the phone call. But tears came from the happy news. I wanted to tell you more about the situation, but waited. I had to recieve the result from my Best friend. I thankyou very much for the advice and words from Mr. Mamada. Please tell My best regards to Mr. Mamada.