Mama-Sensei’s Recommended Diet

Wrong Diet Develops Disease
Overcome Obesity First

It is said that disease can be developed by your lifestyle. Speaking of one’s lifestyle, diet is one of the significant parts of it. For some reason, we may pick up a disease even when choosing safe food and having proper workout. There should be a problem as disease is not prevented in this case. We have this big misunderstanding that as long as we think we are doing the right thing, we are actually doing so. However, it is not necessarily right in many cases

Those who are conscious about their health or fighting a disease often choose to eat organic vegetables, processed food with less food additive, and brown rice. They may also take some mushroom extract and dietary supplements.

Meals served in hospitals are horrible, even though hospitals are the place where disease is cured. Is this because of the doctor’s lack of knowledge in diet and dieticians who only care about the nutritional aspect of the meals? In many cases, these hospital meals totally ignore the human body.

The diet I recommend may seem quite different for the general public. However, many people, including myself, have been on this diet and achieved a great outcome on the health condition.

Nowadays there is a word “metabolic syndrome” with a definition for diagnosis. Many of overweighed people are concerned about this syndrome, but it is difficult to lose weight and lower blood pressure. Diet therapy itself may not be effective enough to lower the blood pressure, but as for losing weight, you can expect a significant result by diet therapy. Those who have tried my recommended diet have achieved the following results:

Lost weight
Skin restored to healthy and young condition
Restored to youth
Immediate positive effect on diseases

We should get rid of this old nutrition theory used since more than 50 years ago which emphasizes the importance of calorie and the variety of food we eat. First we will start by getting away from the general perception of healthy diet.

Following are the list of not-to-eat/drink items of my recommended diet:

Dairy products (butter, cheese, yogurt)
Breakfast cereal
Bread and cakes
Processed food
Soft drinks
Fast food
Liquor and wine (excessive drinking is not good)
Snacks, sweets, chocolate, chips, etc.

It is important to avoid the items listed above. You should definitely avoid taking refined sugar, granulated sugar, and chemically produced oil. Instead, you should choose traditionally refined oil which is a kind that can go bad easily as time passes.

Basic Rules of the Diet

Try to eat fresh and raw food
Be aware of the combination of food

These are the two most important rules.


How to Arrange Your Daily Meals


Fresh fruits or fruits juice only (No ready-to-drink fruits juice from stores). No rice, bread, or cereal. If you are still hungry and cannot stand it, eat fruits or fresh vegetable salad, or drink fresh vegetable juice in addition.


Mainly eat fresh vegetables, and avoid taking animal protein and carbohydrate together. Eat raw vegetables unless it is too hard to eat in the raw. If that is the case, steam those hard vegetables. It is also ideal to eat fish in the raw. Choose one item from grain, rice, noodle, potato, beans, or tofu, and eat it with fresh or steamed vegetables, stewed vegetables, Natto (fermented soy beans), etc.

Another option is to eat seafood (please note that do not eat carbohydrate, such as rice, together with seafood). Always eat seafood with fresh vegetables.
Try to eat less vegetable stir fry using cooking oil. It damages pancreas and liver. Avoid frozen fried food or tempura. Instead, make them at home by yourself.


You can eat anything you would like except the not-to-eat items listed earlier, or you may have similar meal as lunch. Remember to eat lots of fresh vegetables in all your meals, and add some dishes of seafood or eggs every now and then. However, you should not eat eggs too much.

The combination of food is the most important point in my recommended diet. What you should be careful the most is not to take animal protein together with starch or carbohydrate.

For example, sushi is not good as it is a combination of fish and rice. Eating meat with rice or bread is the worse combination that you should not choose (i.e. Teishoku (a set meal with a bowl of rice) with grilled fish is not good).

Some of you may think, “Then, I cannot eat anything if adopting this diet!” Be creative, and you will come up with a variety of dishes while following the rule of my diet. Limiting what you can eat may deprive some part of enjoyment in your life, but you still can eat all kinds of food items that are not on my not-to-eat list. Also, my recommended diet does not set a limit on the amount you eat. Of course eating too much is not good for your health, but if you eat lots of fresh vegetables, the amount of other food items you eat will automatically decrease.

Some of the food items, such as bread, meat, dairy products, margarine, fast food, processed food, soft drinks and soda, pollute intestines and blood. They also stiffen your muscle, and muscle stiffness develops disease as time passes.

For those of you suffering from and fighting disease, I would like to ask if you have eaten those food items I suggest avoiding. Even though you are fine and healthy at this point, keep eating these food items may increase the possibility to develop disease in the future.

Daily Body Cycle


As shown in the table above, it is important to spend morning for excretion and empty stomach in the morning. Eating involves the usage of digestive enzymes, and thus digestion costs you a lot of energy.

Vegetables and fruits already have enzymes for being digested. Therefore, eating these food items will save your energy to digest, and there will be fewer burdens on your body. Since sugar contained in fruits is fructose which is different from refined sugar, sugar from fruits is harmless to your body, even for diabetic patients.

Also, when you switch to the diet that considers the right combination of food, you will notice you no longer feel tired. Feeling sleepy after eating is because of a mass consumption of your energy for digestion. It will improve your health if you avoid the wrong diet that imposes a burden on your body only to digest.

Eat between noon and 8 p.m., and avoid eating later of the day. Eating late in the evening only satisfies your appetite, and what you eat will not be fully digested and absorbed but only to be wasted. Since late evening is not the best time for digestion, wastes will stay within your body as subcutaneous fat and cellulite instead of being discharged from your body. Eventually this leads to obesity.

Finally, you should not have dessert right after a meal. Doing so will mix up what you have eaten and fructose in stomach, and this is not good. If you want some fruits, eat those 30 minutes prior to your meal.

There are a variety of diet options out there. It is totally up to you, but I suggest you choose one imposing fewer burdens on your body. You should not put a mere emphasis on nutritional aspect of diet.