Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is simply caused by the bad blood circulation! It cannot be cured as long as considering it as an allergy. There should be a problem in your diet. First of all, improve the condition of your stomach and intestines!

How many patients are there suffering from atopic dermatitis? In general, it is said to be 3~10% of the entire population, but it is hard to tell the exact percentage within this range. In Japan, the number of patients is estimated somewhere between 3.7 million and 12.3 million people, and it is definitely a large number in any case within the range.

Atopic dermatitis is one of the diseases that are difficult or impossible to cure, and some people have been suffering from it for decades. As to date, the number of the patients is still increasing, and I am certain it is the useless medical treatment and wrong diet that caused this increase.

Dark and thick skin of Elephantiasis, bloodstained itchy skin, skin with scratches all over the body, abnormal sweating– what worsened atopic dermatitis to this degree is the wrong medical treatment. I feel truly sorry when seeing those who suffering from these kinds of symptom.


Thoughtless Medical Treatment Worsens the Disease

When you see a dermatologist, you will be prescribed strong steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs but no fundamental treatment. The drug worsens the symptom of atopic dermatitis. As such, we could say atopic dermatitis is iatrogenic disease.

It is a makeshift treatment to temporarily restore the skin to the healthy condition. I want to say, “Stop the medical treatment that cannot cure the disease”, but in fact, a makeshift treatment is so commonly practiced. As long as the treatment follows the guideline of Ministry of Health, doctors will not be punished for their wrong medical treatment while many patients are suffering. This kind of treatment is nothing but a deed of the evil. These doctors do not even feel guilty for torturing patients. Many patients who are suffering from this evil medical treatment have come to me for help. It takes quite amount of time and costs for them to cure atopic dermatitis. If those patients could have received proper medical treatment, they would not have suffered for such a long time. Makeshift treatment has created these patients and ruined their life.

Today’s medical science does not understand the fundamentals of atopic dermatitis. The disease is still regarded as an allergy, and in the end, doctors have even come up this absurd idea that this disease is caused by human body attacking itself. Doctors conduct one-way medical examinations and analyze the result only with the knowledge they already have. This is scary.

Let me explain this current situation as a suspense story. The most suspicious person is usually not a criminal, and there is another one that is actually the criminal. The way doctors diagnose atopic dermatitis is just like a clumsy detective trying to arrest a criminal based on the circumstantial evidence. The detective does not even notice the real criminal is still out there. Until the real criminal is arrested, the crime is committed over and over again.


The Cause of Atopic Dermatitis is Bad Blood Circulation

I have cured many patients of atopic dermatitis. From my experience, I assure you the following: Atopic dermatitis is simply the bad blood circulation. The bad blood circulation hardens muscle, and “muscle stiffness” is generated. The stiffness squeezes capillary vessel inside the muscle and blocks the blood circulation. As a result, the metabolism of skin is not properly performed and aging starts with the skin. Dark and rough skin is the outcome of aging. What you need is to improve the blood circulation and the metabolism, and to restore your skin condition.

Similarly, a rash on your skin shows the function of intestines is not right. Since healthy intestines only absorbs the nutrition currently essential to your body, what your body does not need is digested but not absorbed regardless of the amount of food you eat. However, if intestines is not working properly, it absorbs whatever flows in. As a result, wastes remains in the body as they cannot be evacuated as excreta. Some of the wastes may be stored in your body as fat, while the human body tries to throw away other wastes. When these wastes are evacuated through a sweat gland around the area where the blood circulation is not good, it gives you itchiness on skin. This is how a rash appears, and atopic dermatitis is an extreme example of the similar mechanism. When you scratch itchy skin, the skin with scratches cannot be restored properly due to the bad blood circulation around the area, and the skin will become rough.

There is also a problem with the function of kidney. Its function is to purify the blood and excretes wasted liquid from your body. There is a more important function of kidney which is to promote the metabolism. By restoring the function of kidney to a good condition, the skin becomes soft and smooth.

Inside the muscle run blood vessel, lymphatic vessel, and nerves. These vessels running through stiff muscle are squeezed by “muscle stiffness”, and this lead to the bad circulation of the blood and lymph. Nerves cannot function properly either. Under the circumstance, the right information cannot be delivered to the brain, and in the end your body will be in an abnormal condition. If you take a medical examination at this point, your doctor will tell you this absurd conclusion that your body is attacking itself.

Here is an example of neural transmission. When your muscle gets stiff due to training or tanned, you do not feel heat, cold, or pain any more. You will be fine with being outside in the cold winter with only a short sleeve shirt on. This is when your nerves are completely paralyzed. Also, you do not feel cold any more after staying in a cold air-conditioned room for hours and getting used to the room temperature. On the other hand, you only react to the hot temperature. I believe there is a similar mechanism with atopic dermatitis. The skin gets to overreact to one thing as it cannot adjust itself to react to everything. This is what is called an allergy reaction. However, it is too risky to conclude atopic dermatitis is an allergy symptom. Once the blood circulation is smooth and skin becomes soft and smooth, it will no longer react to an allergen

One of the characteristics of atopic dermatitis is unpurified blood. When “muscle stiffness” blocks the blood circulation, the blood around the area is congested. The congested blood is polluted as the time passes. Sometimes the polluted blood flows into the main stream of the blood circulation, and when this happens, the entire blood of your body gets polluted. This is the same mechanism of the pollution of rivers. Once the blood is polluted, the components of it also change.

The characteristic of a white blood cell in the purified new blood and the polluted old blood is quite different. This is just a hypothesis of mine, but when these two different white blood cells are mixed together, there is a possibility that they do not accept each other, and this ruins the immunization system of the body.


Atopic Dermatitis Is Not an Allergy

As long as atopic dermatitis is regarded as an allergy, you cannot cure the disease. I have once found a book stating that atopic dermatitis is not a skin disease but an internal disease. I cannot remember either the author or the publisher of the book as I was not really interested, but what the book says is rather acceptable as it does not simply regard atopic dermatitis as a skin disease. It is too unsophisticated to determine atopic dermatitis as a skin disease only by looking at what is shown on the outside. It is a tragedy of the contemporary medical science to divert the attention away from the fundamentals of disease.

The fundamentals of disease are rather simple. You do not need to make the logic complicated. It is the best to make things straightforward, but it is no good to think too simple. Atopic dermatitis is not an allergy. You cannot cure it while ascribing the disease to genes and the immunization system and making the issue complicated.

Atopic dermatitis is a disease of bad blood circulation caused by “muscle stiffness”. It can be cured simply by easing “muscle stiffness”. In this way I have cured atopic dermatitis though I cannot remember the exact number of patients I have cured as the number was too large.

I want to tell you the readers that atopic dermatitis is not a disease difficult to cure. The problem will be solved by easing “muscle stiffness”. One thing that is unfortunate is there are not so many therapists who can actually eliminate “muscle stiffness”. Acupressure and massage only lead to an opposite effect. Therapists with mastery skills do exist, but searching for them is as difficult as winning a lottery. This might be the only difficulty in curing atopic dermatitis.