What Causes Disease?

Why Do Human Beings Become Sick?

You will not find out a clear answer for this question if you search any home medical handbooks, whose explanations are ambiguous with lack of fundamental knowledge and most of these treatments are no more than symptomatic therapies.

I can immediately answer “muscle stiffness” is the cause of disease instead of giving you a vague answer, such as there are multiple factors that may cause disease.
I had spent over ten years to get to this answer. I have proved that it is true over and over again, curing many patients for past 25 years. As a progress report, I have two books on my credit: “Triumph over All Kinds of Disease! Mama-Sensei’s KIKO (万病に克つ!ママ先生の気功術)” and “KIKO Relieving Muscle Stiffness (コリとる気功術)”.
In the past I have had a couple of opportunities to discuss with medical professionals about the causes of disease only to find they would not listen to my theory that disease is caused by “muscle stiffness”. Some of them criticized me by saying “He does not know anything about medical science and is saying a crazy thing.” However, I will not surrender to their criticism, for there is a proof that by eliminating “muscle stiffness”
I have cured many patients who suffered from serious diseases that are incurable with today’s medical science.
To benefit everyone around the world with what I have discovered, it is my mission to let you all know my theory of the cause of disease.


Mamada Theory

Speaking of muscle, people in general may think of one that supports bones around their arms, shoulders, legs, and torso where we can easily recognize the function of the muscle. However, muscle stiffness can be generated on all kinds of muscle in your body.

There are several kinds of muscle: skeletal muscle for body frame, smooth muscle for internal organs, cardiac muscle, and muscle for blood vessel. “Muscle stiffness” generated on these muscles can develop disease
“Muscle stiffness” in blood vessels causes arteriosclerosis. Stiffness in gastric and intestines affects digestion and absorption, and blood. Kidney and liver play a role in blood purification system and metabolism. Stiffness of heart muscle and others around develops fatal heart diseases. “Muscle stiffness” in respiratory muscle causes asthma and bronchitis, and the stiffness of skeletal muscle leads to the inhibition of metabolism throughout your body and develops various diseases.


What Is Muscle Stiffness

To begin with, I would like you to understand what I mean by “muscle stiffness”. There are multiple types of it.

First, let me explain the stiffness of skeletal muscle. Except for blood vessel and internal organs, skeletal muscle consists of bundled muscle fibers that are less than 1mm. Muscle fibers are coated with a membrane, called fascia. Single muscle fiber does not function by itself, but works together with other muscle fibers depending on the degree of strength it needs to move the muscle. Muscle adheres to each other with fascia.
When you use your muscle extensively, or perform a single task standing for a long period of time, muscle fibers are hard to come off after being attached to each other with fascia in order to work together as a whole. If you use your muscle over and over again without waiting for fascia to come off, the broader area of your muscle will form adhesion to fascia. Later muscle fibers will get stiff, and this is how “muscle stiffness” is generated.
The second type of “muscle stiffness” is created due to the contraction of muscle fibers. (Please refer to other sections for more details on this topic). Similar to the first type of”muscle stiffness’’, shrunk muscle may not be able to return to its original condition after the intense usage of muscle, repetition of the same movement for a long period of time, and so on. As explained earlier, since muscle fibers are attached to each other with fascia, they may become stiff together as a bundle. As the time passes, they become hard and form “muscle stiffness”.
There are other types of “muscle stiffness” as well. Multiple muscle fibers get together and form bundles, called the muscle bundle. The bundle contains a particle of nucleus, and if the nucleus gets hard, it is called “muscle stiffness” as well. Some “muscle stiffness” may be generated by a unit of muscle. The shape of “muscle stiffness” can be similar to quail eggs or beans, or a combination of fiber- and small bean-shaped stiffness.
Smooth muscle, also called internal organs muscle, forms liver, pancreas, kidney, gastric, intestines, and blood vessel. It is thinner and shorter than skeletal muscle and also helps peristaltic movement. Stiffness of skeletal muscle creates pressure on smooth muscle and restricts the movement of smooth muscle. Smooth muscle itself may also get stiff due to adhesion. As a matter of course, “muscle stiffness” is generated following bad blood circulation, metabolic disorder and aging of cells.


This Is How Disease Is Developed

Muscle contains countless of blood vessels, nerves, lymphatic vessels, etc. Since “muscle stiffness” is a state of muscle that is contracted and stiff, it can squeeze vessels, nerves, lymphatic vessels running throughout the muscle. Then a problem will be developed with blood circulation, lack of nutrition for cells, and metabolic disorder. Nerves will no longer be able to send a correct signal, and the brain will end up with sending wrong orders. A change in lymphatic vessels will lead to a problem in your immune system. At this stage, it is impossible to maintain your body in a healthy condition. The system of secretion of hormone will be out of balance. Blood cannot be purified properly through the circulation, and blood itself will no longer be created properly. “Muscle stiffness” will lead to more serious health condition, and finally when it reaches to a certain point, a disease is developed.

Major diseases that we are afraid of are: cancer, heart disease, and apoplexy. These are with the high death rate. Others are such as Parkinson’s disease, rheumatism, atopic dermatitis, pollen allergy. All of these diseases are caused by “muscle stiffness”.
It is easy to cure these diseases. Just relieve “muscle stiffness”, and that is all. This is quite simple, and you do not actually need complicated medical treatment.
Blood circulates while delivering oxygen, nutrition, and immune system all over the human body to fight against disease.
In order to avoid disease, it is important to let blood circulate smoothly. For the smooth blood circulation, you should simply avoid generating “muscle stiffness” anywhere in your body. You will no longer need to worry about high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis, and your blood pressure will also fall within a healthy range.
All kinds of diseases are caused by “muscle stiffness”. I have no idea how many kinds of diseases are out there, but one thing I am clear about is the way to cure them.
For each specific disease, please refer to other sections.