Cure Hypertension

You do not need hypotensive drug to lower your blood pressure. How many years have you been taking this drug?

In 1999, WHO lowered its blood pressure standard from 160 to 140. This change has caused an increase in the population with hypertension and in governmental medical expenses. Couldn’t this change be a scheme by the pharmaceutical industry?

Why is high blood pressure not good? In general, we are taught this wrong knowledge that “high blood pressure causes various diseases”. We are scared to stop taking medicine if somebody threatens you by saying, “high blood pressure causes heart disease and apoplexy.” It is such a shallow idea that heart disease and apoplexy is caused by high blood pressure. It is true that there is a tendency to develop these diseases if you leave your health condition as poor as causing blood pressure. However, you cannot cure high blood pressure just by taking hypotensive drug to lower the pressure. Without curing high blood pressure, you can never get away from the fear of heart disease and brain infarction. Your first priority is to eliminate the cause of high blood pressure. You should stop the symptomatic therapy that only temporarily lowers your blood pressure. By taking hypotensive drug and lowering your blood pressure, you might be relieved your blood vessels will no longer break –what an untrustworthy treatment is that? It is merely makeshift treatment, much worse than symptomatic treatment.

As you get older, blood vessels get thinner, and it is natural that your blood pressure may go up a little. Exercise, aggressive behavior, and hardworking may raise your blood pressure. If you keep your blood pressure low with medicine, then you can no longer have active life.

Heart disease and brain infarction are caused by the part of your body developing these diseases. You just need to eliminate this fundamental cause of the disease. Irregular pulse, which is also incurable with today’s medical science, can be easily cured as well.

In many cases, today’s medical science has an opposite approach to mine. Symptomatic treatment, where doctors emphasize only the result in front of them, simply tries to improve the results and numerical values. Instead, what is truly important here is to search for the fundamental cause and eliminate it.


The Cause of High Blood Pressure

First of all, high blood pressure is caused by “tension” in muscle in and around artery which squeezes artery and narrows its bore. In order to circulate blood in thinner blood vessels, you need higher blood pressure. This leads to the faster circulation of blood towards the end of the blood vessel. Suppose you try to sprinkle water farther with a hose, you are most likely squeeze the tip of your hose with your fingers. In this way, the pressure of the sprinkled water is higher, and the water can reach farther beyond. Blood pressure presses the wall of blood vessels. Blood circulating faster with higher blood pressure hits the wall of blood vessels, which makes the blood pressure higher. This is the mechanism of high blood pressure. In order to lower your blood pressure, you just need to restore the squeezed blood vessels to the normal condition. In other words, the problem will be solved by relieving the “muscle tension” which squeezes blood vessels.

The major “muscle tension” areas causing high blood pressure are: junction of descending aorta and femoral artery, inguinal region, junction of brachial aorta and common carotid artery, sternocleidomastoid muscle, and common carotid artery. Listed here are some of the major areas only, and they may differ for each individual, so we should avoid considering these parts are the only ones causing high blood pressure.

When you get dizzy, you can lower the blood pressure simply by relieving the “muscle tension” on your neck. There is no need to take any medicine, and doctors just do not know this way of curing dizziness.

It is simply an absurd idea to take hypotensive drug for years. It only leads to shortening your life. Due to the drug, your blood vessel will lose its regenerative powers and be in a bad condition.

All the cells in the human body are regenerated every day, which is called metabolism. As long as blood circulates through aorta to capillary vessels, the cells are regenerated with metabolism. Blood vessel itself is also regenerated while “muscle tension” in blood vessel is relieved.

However, the symptomatic treatment, which only lowers the blood pressure by hypotensive drug, does nothing about “muscle tension” – the fundamental cause of high blood pressure. Blood vessels can be in a very bad condition when blood does not circulate well and blood vessels are not regenerated properly. We need to turn our attention to the fundamental treatment, instead of symptomatic treatment.

There is also a problem in the definition of high blood pressure. There used to be a standard for blood pressure in Japan, calculated as “your age + 90”. If you are in your 40s, your standard is 130, and if in your 60s, your standard is 150. Doctors used to diagnose high blood pressure if their patients’ blood pressure exceeded the standard. The degree of blood pressure cannot be a direct cause of heart disease or apoplexy. It is ideal if you can maintain your blood pressure in 120s, regardless of your age. In fact, my blood pressure has not been changed in the last 10 years, while I am in my 60s. The cause of high blood pressure is “muscle tension”, and relieving the tension will solve the entire problem.