I got a baby

I got a baby
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“Teacher, I got a baby” Today, such a good news came in. Apparently, she seems to be conceived after the second treatment.

Tentative name N, 30’s. I have been married for 10 years but I am blessed with children. I tried infertility treatment, but I could not pregnant.
I have applied several infertility treatments in the past. Probability is over 90%. One of them has a disciple’s couple. For a while after my eldest daughter was born, I wanted the next baby and I attempted infertility treatment and various things but I could not pregnant,
“The teacher wants a child, but is it possible?”
I do not remember it clearly, but he said like this.
“It’s not okay”
I have a memory that I casually answered. One moment after a while, the wife’s K treatment was done,
“My teacher made it.”
Apparently it seems that she got pregnant with one operation.
In the past several infertility treatments are done, but compared with the time required for them, the case of the disciples was a super express.
It seems that the couple told U to Mr. U, saying “It worked at once.” Mr. U who heard of it, Mr. N
“When you go”
It seems that I introduced my place.

Ms. N was suffering from extreme menstrual pain. I want to cure extreme menstrual pain in the background that came to me. And it’s great if you can go well and have kids. And it seems I thought.
“Pregnancy is difficult if you seem to have menstrual pain! First of all, if you cure it, raise your body temperature and your lower abdomen gets warmer, you can pregnant naturally.”
And there is memory that answered.
(As for infertility treatment, since it is mentioned in the past column, if you want to know more about it, please refer to that.

Menstrual pain had disappeared after the third treatment since the first treatment. In the fourth time, Mr. N and her husband were treated at the same time, taking the shoulder stiffness of the master and the abdominal part, raised body temperature and warmed up.
And it was a good news when I was worried that over 2 weeks after the 5th treatment was over, “What are you doing?”
As in the past disciples and couple, I did not get pregnant by one operation, but it was a good result from the difference of conditions with the disciples and couple.

For women, normalize the lower abdomen, improve the blood circulation, raise the body temperature, create a warm environment to welcome the baby. Men can become pregnant if they improve the circulation of the lower abdomen and allow for sperm that is healthy. That is my theory. There is no need for a difficult method of hormone or in vitro fertilization.

After pregnancy, it is important to further improve the blood circulation and prepare the environment where the stomach baby grows up.

August 29, 2017
Shoji Masada
Revolution September 22, 2017