Infertility, to relieve menstruation (menstrual cramps)

Infertility, to relieve menstruation (menstrual cramps)


There seem to be many people who are suffering from menstrual pain (menstrual cramps) or menstrual irregularity.

It is said that the average age of menarche is 12 years old. Assuming that the average age of menopause is 50 years, we will go on a daily basis for 38 years. Also, considering the number of days, if there is menstruation for 6 days every month, even simple calculation will go out with menstruation every day for more than 2,700 days in 38 years.

“I have been taking medicine since I was young, but my medicine does not work so I will not be able to move because of the pain.I wanted to be born by a man as I thought it would come monthly.”

I’m as sorry as I can. If you understand menstrual pain correctly it can be cured easily. It is mysterious why you can not cure.

It is useless in symptomatic treatment called simply “stop pain” to cure menstrual pain. It is to correct the origin of pain. Since it does not, the same thing is repeated every month.

Why does menstrual pain occur? I will explain in my science.

Menstrual pain is a layer of blood clumps to accept fertilized eggs after sperm and egg coalesce on the inner wall of the uterus after ovulation occurs. It is often said that it is a bed that accepts a baby. However, when a fertilized egg can not be used and it is no longer used, the bed must be thrown away before becoming old and becoming rotten. To do that, we have to break the inner wall of the uterus.

The human body is doing well. When a certain period arrives, the uterus will expand and work to break the inner wall will occur. And I will put out old chunks of blood. It is a mass of blood, not bleeding.

Until so far, you will find answers as soon as you examine them on the internet. Also, if you become a junior high school student you should have taught at home economics class.

But everyone stops thinking here. Actually, the mechanism that causes menstrual pain is hidden ahead.

If the uterus swells, it compresses the muscles, bladder, intestines, etc., that are in contact with the uterus. If they are soft and flexible, they will accept the expanded uterus and nothing will happen. However, when the uterus expands and pushes up the intestines where the abdominal muscles are hardened, it becomes pinching with the hard abdominal muscles, the intestines are crushed, the nerves are pressed and pain is made. And when the intestine is stimulated it expands and the pain is promoted.

It is not just the intestines. When the iliopsoas and the gluteal muscles (muscle of the buttocks) are stimulated, it strains and contracts, so it presses the nerves laid in the muscle. It creates low back pain and difficulty walking. When the intestine swells and stimulates the rectus abdominisus and makes it tense, it becomes disgusting and loses appetite.

To eliminate menstrual pain

It is impossible to stop the uterus from swelling because it is a female physiology, but menstrual pain does not occur if the intestines and muscles around the uterus are made soft and flexible.

Most of women with menstrual pain are in the following state.

1 The abdomen is cold.

2 Abdomen is hard.

3 Hip joint is hardened.


1 Cover and cool it.

2 It is impossible for walking and footwear.

3 Meals eating a lot of meat etc.

4 Wrong movement.

To improve

Most of the menstruating pain consolidates the abdomen and groin to make poor circulation. This is the cause of cold.

It is to loosen the abdominal and crotch muscles, normalize blood circulation and eliminate poor circulation.

In order to improve menstrual pain, I explain it on the condition that muscles can be loosened.

First of all, menstrual pain disappears if you remove the intestines, bladder, uterus and hip joints. In past experiences, menstrual pain disappears if you perform 2 to 3 treatments.

I want to cure myself. For those who like it, I recommend MMS type technique that I conceived. “I want to cure it immediately” I recommend treatment to those who think.

Infertility treatment

There are a lot of people who want children, but they do not. I am treating infertility, but it is not quite right. This seems to be a reality.

Why will not you get pregnant?

Have not you made a fundamental mistake?

If you want to make a child, it is to create an environment to accept children.

If the lower abdomen seems cold and cold, the sperm will die. It is necessary to prepare a warm environment so that sperm can be implanted.

Specifically, it is to soften the entire lower abdomen and to relieve the hardened inguinal region, uterus, ovary, and intestines to improve blood circulation. (It is not about warming with hot water, doing a hot compress.) If you do this, you will have a warm environment to accept children inevitably.

Wherever a healthy sperm comes in, you will land in a warm environment.

The reasons for the occurrence of menstrual pain and the reason why pregnancy can not happen are actually in the same place.


Shoji Mamada