Will not you overcome heart disease?

Will not you overcome heart disease?


Do you know that there are three major diseases? Cancer (malignant neoplasm) · Acute myocardial infarction · stroke Three major diseases are said to be the worst three of Japanese deaths. Especially cancer and cardiovascular disease are said to be a disease not to recover.

I do not know if it can be said to be good news,

Therapy for improving function by transplanting “myocardial sheet” made from human artificial pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) into the heart of patients with severe heart failure Professor Yoshiki Sawa (cardiovascular surgery) team of 20 Day, applying clinical research to the review committee within the university.

IPS cells are transformed into cardiomyocytes, processed into a sheet, and glued to the heart of heart failure patients to ascertain safety and efficacy.

Professor Sawa and others have succeeded in transplanting the myocardium sheet to a pig whose heart’s function is lowered and improving it. The team points out that the shortage of donors of heart is getting worse in domestic transplant medical care, “This research may be a new treatment for severe heart failure”.

I tried to extract a part of the article published in the 21st issue of Sankei Shimbun.

In short, it seems to be said that when a sheet made of IPS cells is pasted on the heart, it helps the movement of the heart and improves it to the patient who caused heart failure. It certainly might be revolutionary research and development, but I think something is different to me.

The one who comes to me has various diseases. That may increase one disease. Two people with heart disease were seen last month. I will leave it as Mr. O and Mr. Y.

Ms. O

“I have a history of morbidity with expandable cardiomyopathy, I have finally got rid of my medicine, I have collapsed with myocardial infarction, now I am barely walking 5 meters with a heart failure, my feet are edema and panpan.”

Mr. Y

“When I go to the hospital because I have clogged the coronary artery, I was told that there is no choice but to put a bite bus or pass the stent on my heart, I do not want to undergo surgery . ”

Since I can not understand difficult medical books, I opened a medical book of my family and examined the illness of Mr. O and Mr. Y, the results and symptoms are written, but the cause of the original is not mentioned Hmm. For example, there is no description of why arteriosclerosis is made even if arteriosclerosis is the cause. That is, the cause is unknown.

In modern medicine, although the cause is not understood, the patient’s pain is excluded from the symptoms appearing on the surface. And, it is a therapy. This is called symptomatic treatment. And in modern medicine, symptomatic treatment is applied to most diseases.

However, if you do not understand the cause and treat it quietly, the patient will carry a big risk and will bet on whether healed or not. Is this OK?

My heart’s motion is getting worse. Let me supplement it by adding something to supplement the movement. This seems to be the role of a sheet using IPS cells. But it seems not to cure the heart with this seat. The heart whose movement has deteriorated remains intact. Then, metabolism of myocardium worsens and it is just going to get aged.

Why do not you think that the idea of making the heart whose movement became worse like the original one with good movement?

Does not it get ruined, does it give up if it can not be cured? Medicine that continues from ancient times with modern times is medicine treatment. I can not confirm the fact that an attempt was made from that area. Therefore it will be the idea that “those that can not be cured with medicine will not heal”.

“I am not joking, I have surgery and radiation”

There may be some people say. Surgery is taking bad parts, radiation is burned out. It is not to cure them together. To cure is to keep it in its original normal condition.

There are several heart diseases, but let’s talk about Mr. O’s illness.

Extensible cardiomyopathy. The left ventricle of the heart enlarges, myocardium grows thin, it becomes a disease that pump power to send blood is gone.

For expandable cardiomyopathy Let’s quote from goo healthcare.

‘As I said earlier, the cause of this disease is not clearly understood. Previous studies have shown that virus infection, genetic abnormality, immune system abnormality, alcohol overload, pregnancy seem to be involved. There are many cases where multiple modifiers (hypertension, arteriosclerosis, infection, drugs, etc.) intertwine to complicate the disease condition. ‘

I think that the author of goo is a Western medicine but clearly states that the cause is not understood. The treatment is continued without understanding the cause of the disease. This is the present condition of modern medicine.

I regard the cause of expandable cardiomyopathy as follows.

There is no reason for myocardium to expand without any reason. There is a reason.

On the upper side of the heart, blood vessels for blood circulation to the whole body are attached. Therefore, the heart does not expand upward, but there is not such a thing under it, so I will expand it below.

Why will it expand downward?

The heart is slightly below the center of the chest. It is an adult ‘s fist large organ. Under the heart there is a thick muscle called the abdominal muscle. Below that are the liver and intestines.

When all the muscles are stiffened and set, it contracts and contracts. When the rectus abdominis muscle (abdominal muscle) is hardened, it contracts and pulls the heart downward. If the heart restrained upward is pulled downwards it will extend downward. This is the cause of myocardium expansion.

If the heart moving in normal shape is pulled downwards, the movement will be worse. It is easy to imagine no matter who thinks.

When the muscles covering the heart are pulled down by contraction of the abdominal muscles, the coronary arteries on the surface of the heart are narrowed and thinned by the pressure. In addition, if the intercostal muscles above the heart (the muscles between the ribs and the ribs) are caught, the contraction causes the heart to be pressed from above. The coronary artery is crushed and narrowed. In addition, blood vessels carrying the blood necessary for coronary artery metabolism are crushed.

Although the metabolism that the old part is thrown away and it turns into a new thing is done, translation is a translation, but if blood vessels for metabolism are crushed and blood does not flow, metabolic insufficiency will occur and the coronary artery will be aged. Arteriosclerosis also occurs because blood vessels are aging.

If that condition continues for a long time, the coronary arteries will lose elasticity and will collapse and create clogs.

In Mr. Y, the abdominal muscle pulled down the heart, the movement of the myocardium was controlled, and at the same time the motion of the respiratory muscle was saved. Inevitably, my heart rate has decreased and I made breathing difficulties.

Many doctors seem to think that it is an influence of the heart when breathing difficulties, but it is a mistake. Creating dyspnea is caused by a stiffness of the origin (the part of the start) of the sternocleidomastoid muscles on both sides of the abdominal muscle and neck. When you strengthen this muscle, you will not be able to breathe because the respiratory muscle rises above.

In the first place, it is a mistake that the cardiology internal department and the respiratory department are divided. The causes of heart disease as well as the cause of difficulty in breathing are in the same place.

Have you moved after having plenty of meals, did not have shortness of breath? When it is full, the stomach expands and presses the rectus abdominus upward. To breathe, the respiratory muscles swell and suck in, you can deflate and exhale. When you are doing normal movements you will need less breathing, but if you move suddenly you will need a large amount of oxygen. And trying to move the respiratory muscle largely, trying to breath heavily, the rectus abdominis obstructs the movement of the respiratory muscle and disturbs the movement of the respiratory muscle, it becomes impossible to breathe, breathing difficulties occur and cause shortness of breath. Since it affects myocardium, heart rate increases and palpitation occurs.

Take a break after eating a meal. That has meaning. If the food that enters the stomach is chewed and moves to the intestine, the bulge under the heart, that is, under the dove tail comes out. If that happens, there is nothing to restrain the respiratory muscles and myocardium, and both breathing and heart begin to move normally.

Causes of leg edema

Doctors who judged as heart diseases such as heart failure said that edema of the legs will also occur as the movement of the heart worsens. Is it really so?

Why is edema occurring despite the lack of absolute blood flow? It is a contradiction. The theory that edema occurs because blood pressure decreases is the theory of the forced.

Modern medicine does not actually know the cause of edema. Because the cause is unknown, it is impossible for anyone who sees the heart to push that sin to what is difficult. The heart is forced to be falsely charged. As a way to take edema in modern medicine, there is only a trivial therapy of administering a diuretic or withdrawing with a drain.

“Do not blame me until edema,” the heart is shouting. Edema occurs for this reason.

The kidneys are organs for purifying the blood, purifying the circulating blood, reusing those that can be made reusable and excluding things that can not be used as small water. When it becomes bad blood circulation to move the kidneys, it becomes impossible to treat things whose kidneys’ function is weak as small water. Then, it returns to the muscles in the body, it is contained in the muscle, and it becomes a water muscle state.

Also, when the muscles become hard and make a cori, it presses the vein, narrows it or crushes it. Arteries with pressure are fine even if they are pressed somewhat, but vein has little pressure, so it gets lost only by slightly narrowing the blood vessel. At that time, as blood flows from the artery more and more, the blood vessel bulges and it penetrates into the muscle. Muscles bulge and become swollen

This is the identity of edema. Therefore, when softening the kidneys and loosening the solid legs etc., the edema disappears. Therefore, you should not use edema that is the characteristic of heart disease as the cause of the heart.

The cause of edema is kidney injury and muscle stiffness. Mr. O released the leg muscles and inguinal muscles after dissolving the consolidated kidneys, eliminating the edema of the legs.

Mr. O received 2 hours of treatment every two days, breathing became normal, the edema of the legs disappeared, the heart also beating with normal heartbeat and went back.

I grasped the cause gradually getting worse with 7 years of treatment and recovered it in 4 hours by taking the right cause and applying appropriate treatment.

The muscle that I solidified once has a habit of returning to the bad state. I can not say that Mr. O has completely healed, but I think he will recover by modifying it several times.

Mr. Y lost the edema of the whole body and breathing which breathed suddenly became normal. Metabolism must be repeated several times in order to make the coronary artery normal, but it will recover without having to spend so much time.

July 25, 2017

Shoji Mamada